Victor Vran Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game Victor Vran.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Abstinence Kills.JPG Abstinence Kills Kill 500 enemies without using consumables
Accidentally on Purpose.jpg Accidentally on Purpose Complete 5 Challenges in a randomly generated dungeon
Angel, Vampire Slayer.jpg Angel, Vampire Slayer Transmute a Relic
Apocalypse.JPG Apocalypse Defeat Apocalypse
Applied Phlebotinum.jpg Applied Phlebotinum Transmute an Apparatus
Back of Beyond.jpg Back of Beyond Complete the Fractured Worlds story
Ballistic Vic.JPG Ballistic Vic Hit enemies with 10 consecutive Mortar attacks
Been There, Done That.JPG Been There, Done That Complete all elite challenges
Best of Both Worlds.jpg Best of Both Worlds Transform 3 Mites into dancing skeletons
Bonetti's Offense.JPG Bonetti's Offense Charge 4 times within 8 seconds
Calculated Risk.jpg Calculated Risk Transmute a Phoenix
Cruel Giant.JPG Cruel Giant Step on 10 Mites within 5 seconds
Crying Shame.jpg Crying Shame Interrupt a singing Succubus with Crying Shame
Dances With Skeletons.JPG Dances With Skeletons Dance with the skeletons
De-Chromer.JPG De-Chromer Slay the Chromatic Essence
Demon Hunter.JPG Demon Hunter Reach Level 30
Demonomicon.JPG Demonomicon Kill 50 enemies with a single demon power
Ding!.JPG Ding! Reach Level 10
Eat the Rich.jpg Eat the Rich Defeat the Queen of the Damned
End Of Time.jpg End of Time Complete the Motörhead story
Exploding Chickens.JPG Exploding Chickens Shoot 250 chickens
Fit as a Fiddle.jpg Fit as a Fiddle Reach Level 60
Fool Proof.JPG Fool Proof Collect all the Fool Destiny Cards
Foursome.JPG Foursome Defeat Adrian The Fallen with a party of 4 in multiplayer
Gatecrasher.jpg Gatecrasher Play 5 days in Cadaver City
Glory Hog.jpg Glory Hog Complete 100 Challenges in a randomly generated dungeon
Gunslinger.JPG Gunslinger Make 10 Aimed Shots in 3 seconds
Hard to Challenge.JPG Hard to Challenge Complete all normal challenges in 20 different locations
Heartbreaker.jpg Heartbreaker Have a network of 6 Heartbreakers on the ground
Hellraiser.jpg Hellraiser Complete all Monuments of Rock
Holier than Thou.JPG Holier than Thou Have 6 equipped Divine cards
In It For The Gold.JPG In It For The Gold Acquire 150 000 pieces of Gold
In The Dark.jpg In The Dark Reach Tier 50 in the Fracture
Impossibly Cool.jpg Impossibly Cool Transmute a perfect Talisman
Juggling Frogs.jpg Juggling Frogs Complete 50 Challenges in a randomly generated dungeon
King of Kings.jpg King of Kings Kill 250 headbanging monsters with a lightning strike
Know-it-All.JPG Know-it-All Find all secrets
Last Straw.jpg Last Straw Complete the Fractured Worlds story on Hardcore Hard Mode
Legendary.JPG Legendary Equip a Legendary weapon
Live To Win.jpg Live To Win Complete all Elite Challenges in the Motörhead World
Lord Gabriel.JPG Lord Gabriel Defeat Lord Gabriel
Lost Johnny.jpg Lost Johnny Discover all Secrets in the Motörhead World
Magellan Vran.JPG Magellan Vran Set foot in every area in the game
Master Crafter.JPG Master Crafter Transmute a perfect weapon
Method to Madness.jpg Method to Madness Reach Tier 50 in The Fracture on Hardcore Hard Mode
New Horizons.JPG New Horizons Complete an elite challenge
No Rock Unturned.JPG No Rock Unturned Find all secrets in 20 different locations
Older Is Better.jpg Older Is Better Transmute an Artifact
On Parole.jpg On Parole Equip Legendary Revolvers, The Gunslinger and The Silver Bullet
One Track Mind.jpg One Track Mind Collect 18 different weapon enhancing destiny cards
One Short Life.jpg One Short Life Complete the Motörhead story on Hardcore Hard Mode
Oooh Shiny.jpg Oooh Shiny Equip a Talisman
Orgasmatron.jpg Orgasmatron Defeat Orgasmatron
Rock It.jpg Rock It Have 50 monsters headbanging at the same time
Run, Forest, Run.jpg Run, Forest, Run Play 5 days in Amaranthine Autumn
Serious Vran.JPG Serious Vran Make 15000 kills with 5 active Hexes
Show-off.JPG Show-off Make 2500 kills with 5 active Hexes
Slash and Slash.JPG Slash and Slash Make 5 Slash attacks in 3 seconds
Slashing Pumpkins.JPG Slashing Pumpkins Destroy 100 pumpkins
Speedfreak.jpg Speedfreak Deliver 6 critical hits with a single Bullet Hell attack
Spelunker.jpg Spelunker Play 5 days in The Lethean Caves
Stand.jpg Stand Use the Swarm's projectiles to kill 6 enemies at the same time
Steady Hand Vic.JPG Steady Hand Vic Have 25 consecutive split-timed attacks
Steamed Up.JPG Steamed Up Trade with GebaN
Sunny Smile.jpg Sunny Smile Play 5 days in the Hanging Gardens of Ea
Sweet Revenge.jpg Sweet Revenge Inflict Crippled, Bleeding, Weakness, Headbang and Electrocuted to a single enemy
Tactical Vran.JPG Tactical Vran Kill 25 enemies with a single attack
Tell Me Who To Kill.jpg Tell Me Who To Kill Complete all Normal Challenges in the Motörhead World
Tenacious V.JPG Tenacious V Complete all normal challenges
The Bloodsucker.JPG The Bloodsucker Defeat Lord Gabriel on Hard Mode
The Broodmother.JPG The Broodmother Defeat Mordra the Broodmother
The Curious Hunter.JPG The Curious Hunter Find all secrets in the Hunting Grounds
The Elder One.JPG The Elder One Defeat Lord Gabriel with a character who never died
The Fallen.JPG The Fallen Defeat Adrian The Fallen
The Five Trials.JPG The Five Trials Complete 5 normal challenges on a single map
The Host.JPG The Host Defeat Rachnoss the Host
The Immortal.JPG The Immortal Defeat Vail the Immortal
The Silencer.JPG The Silencer Slay the Screeching Calamity
The Solicitor.JPG The Solicitor Defeat Wa-Lee the Solicitor
Thunder And Lightning.jpg Thunder And Lightning Equip Legendary Guitar, The Muse and The Bard
Tough Nut.JPG Tough Nut Reach 250 Armor
Tzar Bomba.JPG Tzar Bomba Inflict 2500 damage with a single hit
Utilizer.JPG Utilizer Have 100 monsters being killed by their peers
V for Vran.JPG V for Vran Reach Level 50
Victor Vain.JPG Victor Vain Have 6 outfits
Warpig Machine.jpg Warpig Machine Defeat the Warpig Machine
We Are Motörhead.jpg We Are Motörhead Complete the Motörhead Band Members collection
What Museum.jpg What Museum? Transmute an Antique
We are the Champions!.JPG We are the Champions! Defeat 20 Champions or Tyrants
Zagore Hold'em.JPG Zagore Hold'em Collect 25 different Destiny Cards