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Apocalypse is the boss encountered on the balcony of Castle Zagore, where Queen Katarina is usually found.

As Apocalypse fell into oblivion, I realized that I survived death itself. I fought War, Conquest, Famine and Pestilence and somehow I live past that day. But I know that I shouldn't let my hubris take over me, for I have destroyed a mere shard of the essence of Apocalypse. Priests tell of the End Day when his true form would manifest and bring the end of everything. I now have the faith that if this day ever comes, humanity would be able to fight him and win.

As Tzar Borimir tells, Apocalypse was trapped inside the frozen cave of Hearth of Frost and was released to attack Castle Zagore.

"Apocalypse flew towards the castle. I fear that it is moving in for an attack against the survivors.
Make haste to castle Zagore, hunter. Save my legacy. Save Zagoravia!"

- Tzar Borimir

Apocalypse creates a flaming zone in the shape of a cross, inflicting high damage at activation and damage over time while stepping on the burnt ground.
During the fight, Apocalypse changes position and summons four Champion Reapers named War, Conquest, Famine and Pestilence, first in couples, all the four near the end of the fight, when Apocalypse has low health.