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Bounty and treasure hunt are small tasks for players to complete. Once completed, player will be rewarded.


Bounties and treasure hunts can be dropped from killing monsters.

Sharing and Redeeming[]

Every bounty and treasure hunt has a unique code representing it. This makes players able to share their codes by:

  • right-clicking the bounty / treasure hunt item in the inventory. This will post a special message containing the code in the in-game online chat room. The player must be playing online.
  • posting the code on the Internet (or even in real world).

Other players can redeem codes by

  • Pressing enter key to open chat log, then clicking the chat message containing the code. This requires the player to be online (otherwise he won't see chat messages from other players anyway).
  • Go to game menu -> options -> redeem key, put in the code and press enter / click redeem to redeem it. This only requires the player being connected to the Internet instead of creating an online game.

Once a code is redeemed, the bounty / treasure hunt will be dropped and picked up by the player.


To complete a bounty, player need to kill epic monsters on 3-5 locations which is listed on the bounty. Rewards will be dropped when all the epic monsters for the bounty are killed.

To complete a treasure hunt, player need to find treasure clues at 3-5 locations which is listed on the treasure hunt. Player can only pick up treasure clue when there are no monsters around, which means player might need to kill nearby monsters first. Rewards will be dropped when all the treasure clues for the treasure hunt are collected.

Task progression and rewards are not shared among players.


Generally rewards from completing a bounty / treasure hunt consists of:

Due to guaranteed drop of gift box, doing bounty / treasure hunt is considered an efficient way of finding legendary weapons.

Time Limit[]

Every bounty and treasure hunt has a time limit in real world. All the players who get the bounty and treasure hunt shares the same time limit. After a bounty / treasure hunt expired, player can no longer finish the task and get the reward.


  • Epic monsters are champion monsters "upgraded" by getting a bounty. To find epic monsters efficiently, player need to memorize every single champion monster's spawning location on a map.
  • Treasure clue's possible spawning locations are also fixed. Thus can be memorized to improve efficiency.
  • Epic monsters / treasure clues can appear on a map which hasn't been unlocked by a player yet.
  • Due to the limited number of champions / treasure clue spawns, it is possible to complete more than one bounty / treasure hunt task by killing a single champion / picking a single treasure clue if a player has redeemed too many codes in a short time. This can improve the efficiency of farming as well.