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"Spiders. Why it has to be spiders?"
~ Victor Vran

The Den of the Broodmother is home to several types of Spiders, such as the Frostcrawler, the Lava Creeper and big sized enemies such as Gargantuan Spiders and egg-laying Spider Matrons, as a consequence, the cave is rich in Spider Eggs and Spider Nests. Victor ventures in this cave in serach of Mordra The Broodmother, a huge demonic spider laying thousands of eggs, as she and Rachnoss The Host are the main responsible of the demonic infestation with their large nests and egg-laying spiders.


Secrets: 2

Elite Challenges
  • Slay Spiders affected by Weakness (150)
  • Slay Spiders without taking damage and without using Demon Powers (100)
  • Slay Spider Nests with Bombs without Dying (8)
  • Slay Gargantuan Spiders with Lava Creeper's Death-Blast (5)
  • Slay Mordra The Broodmother with 5 active Hexes