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Destiny cards, or simply "card(s)", are one type of items in the game Victor Vran. When equipped, it provides passive attributes.


Each destiny card's main attribute(s) is determined by its type and rarity. There is no randomization. E.g. a common The Runner card always increases the player's movement speed by 20%.

Extra attributes[]

Every destiny card can have a random extra effect out of 2 groups of effects: divine and wicked. They can also be crafted onto existing normal cards with a divine or wicked powerstone or other divine/ wicked cards of the same rarity as the normal card.

Divine and wicked effects don't increase the destiny point cost of a card.

There're 8 different possible effects in each group:

Divine Wicked
27% chance to get an additional drop from chests Increased Dodge distance
Remove a negative condition on kill (5 seconds cooldown) -37% duration of negative conditions
Lightning strike to ranged attackers (300 damage, 22% chance) that inflicts Weakness Inflict Cripple on crit (44% chance)
Gain 280 health when the overdrive is filled Gain Brutality when overdrive is filled (29% chance)
56% to negate a critical strike Gain 3.90% of max overdrive on overkill
+14% damage when health is above 90% Gain Focus for 10 seconds on overkill (30 seconds cooldown)
+27 armor penetration Gain Speed for 7 seconds on kill (20 seconds cooldown)
Gain Regeneration for 10 seconds when below 37% health Inflict Bleeding on crit (33% chance)

Note: all values in bold is the maximum possible value when fully upgraded by transmuation.


The player has a limited number of destiny slots and destiny points. For each card equipped, it takes one destiny slot and from 0 to 8 destiny points (depending on the card).

Destiny Slots[]

The number of destiny slots limit how many card a player can equip at the same time. Player can unlock more slots by leveling-up:

Level Destiny slots
1 2
10 3
20 4
30 5
55 6

Also, The Adventurer's Outfit or Phil's Outfit gives one more slot when equipped.

Destiny Points[]

The sum of destiny points of all equipped destiny cards must not exceed the player's available destiny points which can be increased by leveling-up:

Level Destiny Points
1 4
5 6
9 8
11 10
17 11
19 12
21 13
23 14
27 15
31 16
38 17
40 18
45 19
50 20
51 21
52 22
57 23
59 24

Also, The Seer card or Phil's Outfit gives 4 destiny points when equipped. If both The Seer card and Phil's Outfit are equipped at level 60, a total number of 32 destiny points are available.


Destiny cards come in all 4 rarities. A certain kind of destiny card's rarity is limited. E.g.

  • Hope card comes in all 4 rarities.
  • Greed card comes only in uncommon and rare rarities. There are no legendary or common Greed cards.
  • The Runner card comes only in common rarity.

List of destiny cards[]

Weapon-specific Unique Cards[]

These cards are designed to work with specific types of weapons. All of them have the unique attribute and come only in the legendary rarity.

The Muse
DC The Muse S.png
The Bard
DC The Bard S.png
The Smith
DC The Smith S.png
The Golem
DC The Golem S.png
Hand Mortar
The Cannon
DC The Cannon S.png
The Trebuchet
DC The Trebuchet S.png
Lightning Gun
The Lightning
DC The Lightning S.png
The Thunderstorm
DC The Thunderstorm S.png
The Gunslinger
DC The Gunslinger S.png
The Silver Bullet
DC The Silver Bullet S.png
The Swashbuckler
DC The Swashbuckler S.png
The Trio
DC The Trio S.png
The Blademaster
DC The Blademaster S.png
The Edge
DC The Edge S.png
The Hunter
DC The Hunter S.png
The Trigger
DC The Trigger S.png
The Reaper
DC The Reaper S.png
The Harvest
DC The Harvest S.png
The Magician
DC The Magician S.png
Wild Magic
DC Wild Magic S.png
The Vortex
DC The Vortex S.png

Other Unique Cards[]

These cards also have unique attribute.

The Alchemist
DC The Alchemist S.png
The Barbarian
DC The Barbarian S.png
The Devil
DC The Devil S.png
The Grace
DC The Grace S.png
The Inventor
DC The Inventor S.png
The Runner
DC The Runner S.png
The Saint
DC The Saint S.png
The Seer
DC The Seer S.png

Non-unique Cards[]

These cards are not unique, and therefore multiple of them can be equipped at once, given enough destiny points are available.

DC Death S.png
DC Greed S.png
DC Hope S.png
DC Justice S.png
DC Strength S.png
The Acrobat
DC The Acrobat S.png
The Archer
DC The Archer S.png
The Bastion
DC The Bastion S.png
The Beast
DC The Beast S.png
The Bishop
DC The Bishop S.png
The Executioner
DC The Executioner S.png
The Fool
DC The Fool S.png
The Gong
DC The Gong S.png
The Guardian
DC The Guardian S.png
The Knight
DC The Knight S.png
The Moon
DC The Moon S.png
The Oak
DC The Oak S.png
The Obelisk
DC The Obelisk S.png
The Paladin
DC The Paladin S.png
The Phoenix
DC The Phoenix S.png
The Rogue
DC The Rogue S.png
The Slayer
DC The Slayer S.png
The Sun
DC The Sun S.png
The Swarm
DC The Swarm S.png
The Tower
DC The Tower S.png
The Vampire
DC The Vampire S.png
The Warrior
DC The Warrior S.png
DC Wildcard S.png