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Fractured Worlds is a DLC released on 6 June 2017 on Steam platform. It is also included in Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.


Fractured Worlds tells a new story set in a plane of existence that was created by "the collision of several broken worlds," with four dungeons that will change daily, and a separate, endless dungeon called The Fracture. The level cap is increased from 50 to 60, a new Destiny Card slot is unlocked at level 55, and players are able to craft and equip a new type of item called Talismans that will change Victor's appearance and combat capabilities.


Story (spoiler alert)[]


"Through my whole life I kept reminding myself of my past mistakes. Now I ask myself why. How can I help anyone if I don't help myself first?"

- Victor Vran

After the end of the main quest in Zagoravia, Victor thinks about doing the same he did for Queen Katarina to end the demonic invasion: destroy the demonic pact he made years ago. In his search, Victor hears of an artifact capable of guiding its bearer towards his heart's biggest desire: the Astrolabe. His unlikely ally in this task is Wa-Lee The Solicitor, the contract-bearer demon from which Victor had to win the information about Katarina's contract and Lord Gabriel's past.

"You do not know this, but you've come to the right demon. The Astrolabe is my creation, my masterpiece. It is powerful enough to change one's destiny!"

- Wa-Lee The Solicitor


The Astrolabe got destroyed in a turn of events the Solicitor doesn't describe in detail, the cataclysm threw an entire plane of existence into chaos, fragmenting it into what is known as the Fractured Worlds, a doomed dimension infested by powerful and malicious creatures no one dares to enter, not even the Solicitor. Since the first fragment of the Astrolabe is in Victor's hands, he feels the guide and the resolution given bu the artifact, willing to further embark on the journey. The Solicitor warmly encourages the hunter to retrieve the pieces of the broken Astrolabe and trust it blindly.

"The Astrolabe is a wise advisor. Follow its instructions.
Without question. Farewell, mortal."

- Wa-Lee The Solicitor

Victor will also have to confront the shard instrument-spirits, the souls the Solicitor used to create the Astrolabe, now wandering in specific locations of the Fractured Worlds, that, despite their state of destruction, have places of lush and beautiful vegetation and delicate architecture such as the Hanging Gardens of Ea and the Amaranthine Autumn, all only an illusion in the words of the Solicitor.

"A twisted imitation of life, nonetheless.
Spare no time wondering, hunter."

- Wa-Lee The Solicitor

With every new piece, the artifact's calming and guiding influence grows on Victor, driving away his old toughts of grief and guilt and makim him wanting to complete the Astrolabe as soon as possible and leave all of his past behind. In the freedom and the bliss he's feeling, Victor starts to think about his rejection of the past, as if he's rejecting his old self starting to doubt.

"Wait. Do I really need to run away from my past to feel better? Was everything I did so wrong? And this.
The Astrolabe presence cuts sharply in my mind. What do you want from me?"

- Victor Vran

Over time, Victor realizes the Astrolabe's influence is addicting, promising happiness and feeding him with brief moments of joy to push him further, until the breaking point, when the artifact tries to enslave him and erase his conscience and memories, leaving him feeling empty and betrayed. It is that event that leads Victor to consider what he risked and understand the real dangers of the Astrolabe.

"Father. I remember the day you died. The grief and desperation are no less even now.
No! I do not need your false comfort, demon contraption. You are a tool, not my master."

- Victor Vran

When Victor has the occasion to speak again with the Solicitor and complains about the Astrolabe's role as a tool supposed to serve him, the demon reminds him he never promised such a thing: the Astrolabe has a will of its own and craves to be reunited, the relationship with it is just of mutual benefit. From that point on, Victor becomes more wary and cautious, now suspicious of the artifact's will, resisting its attempts at erasing him and waiting to join another shard to subdue the artifact, which is growing more vicious once it is clear Victor is not going to fall again to its tricks. When it comes the moment to retrieve the last shard, the Astrolabe points him toward the Locus.

"Always so bothersome. Why couldn't you give in and succumb to the artifact?
It would have made us all so much happier."

- Wa-Lee The Solicitor

The Solicitor had kept one shard for him and was never willing to part from it, since he always wanted the Astrolabe for himself. He still remembers his last confrontation with the hunter and the defeat he had to suffer, so to avoid both, he chooses to toss the last shard in the Fracture, so no one is going to have it, if he can't. Victor is not willing to give up now: the demon has lost his chance, he still have his. The Solicitor looks from a distance, confident that Victor will fail. But his amusement is destined to end, as Victor retrieves the last shard and rebuilds the Astrolabe.

"You must be careful what you wish for, as it might come true. My wish nearly cost me my soul.
The Fractured Worlds taught me a lesson: it is what you do that defines who you are."

- Victor Vran