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Guitars are one of the types of Weapons in the Motörhead-DLC of the game Victor Vran.


Name Description Standard cooldown
Power Chord Multiple targets. Plays a powerful riff that sends out 3 electrical sparks.

Time the attacks correctly to inflict critical hits.[1]

Bang! Single target. Shoots a powerful lightning at the enemy. If the target dies you and all alies gain the Might[2] condition.

The lightning chains to nearby foes up to 3 times.

Wicked Solo Charge forward knocking back all enemies in your path while playing a wicked solo. Lightning strikes hit nearby enemies and inflict the Headbang[3] condition to them on crit.

At the end of the solo you and all allies gain the Enraged[4] condition.


List of Weapons[]

Legendary Guitars:

Name Picture Special stat Over the top stat Other stat
The Killmeister The Killmeister.jpg Power Chord attack pierces targets and has longer range Damage increased by 32% Knocks back enemies with X% chance
Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar.png
Power Chord attack may inflict the Electrocuted[5] condition on hit

Wicked Solo attack unleashes 4 lightninga balls

Attack speed increased by 25% Critical hit chance increased by X%
Solo Solo.jpg Wicked Solo attack heals you and grants Lifesteal to nearby allies 50% faster weapon skill cooldowns While equipped: find 20% more items
The Bass The Bass.jpg Stack Aether charges when you perform a split-time attck.

At 10 charges Power Chord unleashes a swarm of Dazing[6] projectiles

Critical Damage increased by 130% Gain 5.0%  of max health on crit (5 sec. cooldown
The Explorer The Explorer.jpg Bang! Attack inflicts Headbang.

Power Chord attack may inflict Headbang.

+50% damage against Headbanging monsters 

*Champions and Bosses are immune to Headbang

Overdrive meter fills 125% faster +45 armor penetration


  1. For more information see: Attacks-section of Shotguns
  2. Might: Critical damage is increased by 100%.
  3. Template:Status:Headbang
  4. Enraged: Next attack will inflict 100% more damage.
  5. Electrocuted: Movement speed is decreased by 25%
  6. Daze: Unable to move or attack.