HUD Explained.png
The HUD with numbers indicating parts. See file description for number explanation.

The HUD, or Heads-Up Display, is commonly seen in most video games and offers a variety of useful information to the player. In Victor Vran, a myriad of information is presented in a compact format. The top right corner is dedicated to the minimap and current objectives under it. Whereas the bottom center of the screen contains the players health, overdrive charge, potions equipped, weapon abilities, Demon Powers and the talisman charge if the Fractured Worlds DLC is available. A small menu icon can be seen in the bottom right corner of the screen too. There is also another pop-up display in the center of the screen, just below Victor Vran, if he comes near something that can be interacted with and will display a short description of what it does along with the key to press. The head in the center of the bottom bar will have its eyes glow when there is a secret nearby. If the player is engaged in combat, then the enemy you are hovering over or presently hitting will have their name, health, armor and effects displayed in the top center of the screen. Damage numbers will also pop up on screen when a weapon successfully hits an enemy where the damage happened in the world, also with the text "Critical!" when the hit itself was a critical hit and the number will also be appended by an exclamation mark.

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