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Hammers are one of the types of Weapons in the game Victor Vran.


The attacks of hammers are:

Name Description Standard cooldown
Pound A set of area attacks that deal collateral damage. The third attack deals higher damage and knocks enemies back.
Crush Deals high damage and applies the Cripple[1] condition in an area. Hold the button to increase the damage dealt by the attack. Gains Armor Penetration when fully charged 5sec
Smash Jump to an enemy and deal damage around your target. Gives you the Lifesteal buff (all weapons gain 20% additional Life Steal) 8sec

List of legendary hammers[]

Name Picture Special Stat Over the top stat Other stat
Hellfire Hellfire.jpg Smash attack creates a lake of molten fire Inflicts Vulnerable with 40% chance Damage increased by X%
Meteor Meteor(hammer).jpg Attacks cause a meteor to fall down from the sky +75 armor penetration Knocks enemies back with X% chance
Pumpkin Hammer Pumpkin hammer.jpg Spawns exploding pumpkins on overkill (0,5sec cooldown) Damage increased by 47% when the overdrive meter is full attack cooldowns reduced by Xsec on overkill (1sec cooldown)
Force of nature Force of natur.jpg Stack Aether Charges on overkill. At 10 charges the Pound attack unleashes crows in all directions that damage and pierce foes Damage is increased by 57% when health is below 50% Gain X life on Overkill (5 sec. cooldown)
Justice Justice.jpg Crush attack creates a vortex that pulls enemies toward you X% faster weapon skill cooldowns Attack Speed increased by 25%


  1. Cripple: movement speed is decreased by 66%.
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