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The following is a list of monsters in the game Victor Vran.

List of monsters[]



Those who are unaware of the true nature of demons could easily mistake the giant spiders infesting Zagoravia for beasts of the twisted wilderness. These spiders are nothing more but the material form chosen for the demons unleashed by the curse that holds sway over Zagoravia. While the forms in which they manifest in our world are often chosen arbitrarily, they always share the same traits - wicked cruelty and unquenchable hunger of mortal souls.


The ordinary folk wrongly deem the Wraiths for being the ghosts of the departed. These spectral apparitions are shards of living essence that wander seamlessly between the worlds in the same fashion as parasites in a search of a host. Should a Wraith find a place of power or a mortal soul to haunt, it would anchor itself towards it until it devours its life force. Should the sinister activities of the Wraith be disturbed it would unleash all sorts of arcane mayhem upon its opponent, among which are areas of spectral taint that sap the strenght of mortals.


The only fate worst than death is to become an Undead - a creature bound in the grey fringe between two worlds by dark magic. Anyone without a vast knowledge of the supernatural could only be blessed with the lack of awareness that Undead are no animated puppets or mere constructs of bone bound by their vile masters; the twisted frame of each one of them is sustained into unlife by the imprisonment of the soul of the deceased person. I fail to imagine the tortures upon which the imprisoned soul is condemned. A well-placed blow can destroy their bony case and release the soul for good.


Legends tell of a distant past when the mighty Elemental Forces roamed unbound and in their constant struggle shaped the forms of the world as we see it today. The Essences I found in Zagoravia are nothing more than fragments of these forces, enslaved by the demon forces and used as self-aware weapons that manifest to sow destruction upon the world they once created. But the core of elemental force is not even the final form of the Essence - after destroying them they would break apart in lesser shards which would continue to follow their unrelenting path of destruction.


The fleeting madness of the curse has taken another wicked form - the stone statues scattered across the city had descended upon the denizens to make sure no one stays alive. Carved from massive stone and imbued with demonic energy, the Gargoyles hold tireless guard on any mortal activity on the streets. Their stone forms make them almost impossible to destroy and allows them to quickly seize the initiative in battle.


The Thralls are mindless slaves of the misterious vampires. I could only guess what is their role in the dark fate of Zagoravia but now that I have encountered their servants I know that my every step is being watched. I have to be very careful if I want to avoid the fate of Adrian.


Vampires are not spawned in any of the demon worlds. Their evil originates here, in our own ancient history. The very fact that I have been confronted by vampires means that a deeper plot is involved here. If I survive Zagoravia my experience could become a valuable weapon for mankind in the clandestine war against the forces of the supernatural.

List of monsters from Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages DLC[]


  • Warpig Machine
  • Orgasmatron
  • Queen of the Damned


Creatures spawned in the pits or unfortunate souls transformed into demon beasts? Who could tell? No matter their origin, all hellhounds share the same traits. Deadly jaws capable of puncturing plate armor, lust for flesh, and unquenchable appetite for destruction - all bent on devouring the remains of the worlds infested by their packs.


It's lamentable what happened to the creatures of the land when the evil of the Preacher arrived. Succumbing to his righteous presence, the unfortunate Scorpions became the instruments of his will. Beings no longer from this world, they are driven to pursue the sinners who dare refuse the truth that the Preacher hath brought to the people.


I've killed vampires, undead and demons, but never have I wished to spare the monsters. But the succubi...If only they wouldn't be so beautiful I would strike them down so easier. These female demons emanate auras of fatal desire and magical trickery, stimulation and simulation of feelings that threaten to engulf me and force me to surrender. I'm only grateful that my years of experience have instilled in me one desire above all others. The desire to live.