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Mordra The Broodmother is the boss at the end of the Den of the Broodmother cave, located in the Royal Gardens.

Mordra, the Broodmother is an intelligent demon that prefers to send her spider progeny to do her bidding instead of risking it herself. This strategy allowed her to preserve all of her strenght for the moment when she would be cornered in her deep lair. She plans to undermine the walls of Castle Zagore and spew her countless progeny into the belly of the ancient corridors to seek destruction of the few survivors there. I wonder for how long I would be able to keep her at bay.

The lair of Mordra is full of Spider Eggs of different kind, giving birth to the normal Spider Hatchling, the Frostcrawler and the Lava Creeper. Area attacks, such as those of the Hammer, the Lightning Gun and various Demon Powers, are higly recommended, but not the static ones, like the Demon Power Purging Flame, given the risk of being caught in the Lava Creeper's blast.