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The Motörhead: Through the Ages content pack will be included on Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.


The expansion will include fan-favorite Motörhead tracks, will feature three entirely new worlds inspired by the band's music, attitude and album covers, will come with eight Motörhead-themed demon powers, allows gamers to slay with style in three new outfits based on the band members and you can dispatch of demons with Revolver and Guitar weapon types. You can also collect 20 new Destiny Cards that augment your demon hunter abilities, take on new bosses like the Corrupted War Pig, Orgasmatron and the Queen of the Damned and follow a storyline based on war, religion and greed in the World of Wars, the Weird West and the Dark Ages against the oppressors of these worlds: the Preacher, the Führer and the Queen of the Damned.