Victor Vran Wiki

Outfit is a specific type of equipment. Once equipped, it can:

  • largely determine how the player gains overdrive
  • gain basic Armor
  • change the player's visual appearance
  • provide certain passive attribute(s)

Victor Vran's starting outfit is always the Hunter Outfit. When reaching the hub for first time you can choose what outfit to wear from three.


Outfits can be upgrade in transmutation menu. They cannot be used as ingredients for other transmutations. They can be transmuted in the following ways:

  • increase its armor by using Legendary Demon Powers
  • some of secondary attributes values, sacrificing any one Legendary Destiny Card
  • be dyed with Dyes

Outfits can be obtained:

List of outfits[]

There are 8 outfits in the base game:

The following 3 outfits are unlocked by the Motorhead DLC:


  • Outfits can't be put in private stash, which means you can't transfer them from one save slot to another.
  • All outfits are of legendary rarity.
  • Victor must always have one outfit equipped. You can't make Victor naked.