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Overdrive, similar to mana in typical RPG games, is the resource consumed by using demon powers.

Most Outfits affect how a player gains / loses overdrive (except for Zealot's Outfit, Lemmy's Outfit, and Mikkey's Outfit).

Normally Overdrive is gained by dealing damage with weapon attacks and skills, accordingly to damage done. As a result, Criticals recharge faster overdrive bar, while Deflected attacks recharge less.


It costs 2000 points of overdrive each time using a demon power.

The maximum starting value is 2000 points of overdrive. After reaching level 8, the maximum value increases to 4000 points, increasing the number of maximum uses of demonic power per fully-charged bar to 2.

Lemmy's Outfit, Adventurer's Outfit and Vanguard's Outfit add 2000 overdrive points, increasing the maximum number of casting per fully-charged bar to 3.


Normally, a player gains overdrive by dealing damage with weapon attacks.

See Outfits for how an outfit affects a player's overdrive gaining.

Apart from outfits, some items can also help player gain overdrive faster / instantly.

  • The Aether Vial potion
  • The Magician destiny card
  • The Tower destiny card
  • Wicked destiny card attribute "gain X% of max overdrive on overkill"
  • Weapons with "overdrive meter fills X% faster" attribute
    • can be provided by the Zealous prefix
    • can appear on some legendary weapons


Normally, a player's overdrive starts to diminish 15 seconds later since the last time a player gains overdrive.

The diminishing speed is 400 points per second.

Equipping Vanguard's Outfit and Cavalier's Outfit stops overdrive from diminishing.

Blocked Overdrive[]

Certain demon powers, while activated, blocks player from gaining overdrive. In this state, whenever a player does something that potentially grants overdrive, it only postpones overdrive from diminishing.


  • The Barbarian card
  • Weapons with "damage increased by X% when the overdrive meter is full"
    • can be provided by the Inquisitor's prefix
  • Divine card attribute "gain X health when the overdrive is filled"
  • Wicked card attribute "gain Brutality when overdrive is filled (X% chance)"