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Patriarch Casimir is a merchant in Castle Zagore. He sells Destiny Cards.

"Praise heavens! God has answered our prayers in this hour of need and sent you here.
I'm Casimir, servant of His will and patriarch of Zagoravia. You bring hope to my people and hope is what we need in these dark hours.
My prayers will be with you."

Contrary to Damian, Casimir is hopeful about Zagoravia's future and very supportive of Victor's stance to remain and fight. He's also the only one, along with Queen Katarina, that warmly welcomes Victor. Casimir thinks of the future, when the city will be free from demons and ready to be reconstructed.

"Thank you for your donations, my son. Each piece of gold enters the church coffers and will be used to build new homes and a future for the suffering. Continue to fight the sinful temptation of possession and the heavens will bless you!"

He's also caring for those who are wandering outside the relative safety of the castle, being one of the few that hopes there's someone still alive out there.

"Godspeed, my son! Find Irene! No living soul should ever be left to the mercy of darkness!"

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