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Rachnoss The Host is the boss at the end of The Tangle.

Now that the corpse of Rachnoss, the Host lies before me I begin to wonder what kind of wicked pact was broken to allow such a monstrosity to pass the wall between worlds? Rachnoss possessed power, awareness and cunning beyond the capabilities of any demon I have faced so far. I can feel the mark his icy essence imprinted inside my very soul.

In order to attack Rachnoss itself, it will be necessary to attack and destroy the four stone columns he uses to climb on the ceiling to stay out of reach. Meanwhile, its minions will attack, starting with red Spider Eggs spawning Lava Creepers, and going on with Icecrawlers, descending from the ceiling.

"And so, our valiant hero has once again emerged victorious,
slaying demonic spiders and defenseless stone columns alike,
all in the name of better loot..."

- Voice