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Rarity is a property of items.


There are four rarities in game. From rarer to commoner:

  • Legendary, associated to Purple color
  • Rare, yellow colored
  • Uncommon, with green borders
  • Common, grey

Rarity and Quality[]

Generally speaking, an item's rarity indicates how "good" the item is. But it might not be true in some cases. Examples:

  • The Barbarian destiny card comes only in uncommon rarity. However its ability of resetting all cooldowns could make the core of some certain builds.
  • All Emotes have the rarity of Legendary. But they are utterly useless in battle.
  • When fully transmuted, rare weapons tend to be able to do more damage than legendary weapons of the same type.

Change an item's rarity[]

Weapons can change in Rarity when adding a third weapon special property via transmutation.

Demon Powers also change in rarity when transmuting them to increase their property values, so a Common Demon Power can be transmuted to increase its values and its rarity will change accordingly. When the sum of both properties filled bars reaches the 51% the Demon Power rarity upgrades from Rare to Legendary. [need verification]