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Scythes are one of the types of Weapons in the game Victor Vran.


Name Description Standard Cooldown
Reap A basic set of attacks that damage multiple enemies. Gain a Soul Shard for each opponent you hit (max 10). Time the attacks correctly to inflict the Vulnerable condition to the target.
Shockwave (no damage) Send out a wave of force that inflicts the Daze condition but doesn't deal any damage. This attack spends all Soul Shards. Daze duration is increased based on the number of Soul Shards spent.

Cleave - hit 5 or more enemies with this attack to reduce Shockwave's cooldown.

12 sec
Whirlwind Begin to spin, gaining Armor and damaging all enemies near you. You can move the Whirlwind via the move buttons. This attack spends all Soul Shards. Duration of the Whirlwind is increased based on the numer of Soul Shards spent.

Cleave - hit 5 or more enemies with this attack to reduce Whirlwind's cooldown.

28 sec

Soul Shard: the scythe's cursed blade rips a piece of the enemy soul with each hit, empowering the next special attack.

List of legendary scythes[]

Name Picture Special stat Over the top stat Other stat
Tri-Blade The Whirlwind attack shoots projectiles Critical damage increased by 201% +X armor penetration
Dervish Dervish img.jpg The Whirlwind attack releases a second spinning scythe that damages foes Inflicts Vulnerable with 40% chance Damage increased by X%
Coldsnap Coldsnap img.jpg The Shockwave attack hits in a large circle and inflicts Frost Attack speed is increased by 25% Gain X health on hit
Vengeance Vengeance img.jpg Triggers a Meteor storm when your health drops below 40%.

Cannot trigger more than once every 60 seconds

Gain 10.0% health on crit (5sec cooldown) Damage increased by X% when health is below 50%
Dark Pact DarkPact.jpg Monsters hit with this weapon release souls. Gather souls to gain overdrive Damage increased by 47% when overdrive meter is full X% faster weapon cooldowns
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