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The Sepulcher of the Damned is a crypt located in the Royal Gardens.
Victor visits the place in search for his friend Adrian, where he found many dead hunters.

The death of a hunter is like the death of a brother or sister
~ Victor Vran

At the end of the dungeon he finds Private Stash as the only survivor.


Secrets: 2

  • Destroy burial urns in the Sepulcher of the Damned (70)
  • Overkill Skeletons (15)
  • Slay Monsters with Hammer (30)
  • Find secrets (2)
  • Slay Monsters without taking damage (70)
Elite Challenges
  • Slay Ravenous Souls with Bombs (7)
  • Overkill Monsters with Hand Mortar without Dying (60)
  • Slay Monsters within 90 seconds with Hex of Malice (80)
  • Slay Monsters with Sword without taking damage and without using Demon Powers (35)
  • Slay Monsters within 120 seconds with 5 active Hexes (80)