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Shotguns are one of the types of Weapons in the game Victor Vran.

The attacks of shotguns are:

Name Description Standard cooldown
Fire A basic attack that hits a single enemy. Time the attacks correctly (see below for more information on split timing) to inflict the Vulnerable[1] condition to the target 0.8sec
Aimed Shot Single target. Recharges whenever an enemy is killed with the Shotgun (with any of the 3 attacks) 12sec
Point-Blank Shot Multiple targets. Short range. Knocks back all enemies in front of you (interrupting any attack they may be charging up, if successfully knock back) and applies the Speed buff 12sec

Split Timing with any attack of the shotgun inflicts the Vulnerable condition on enemies hit by the attack.

Split Timing is done when you perform an attack (nearly) exactly the time that is the cooldown of the standard attack after any other attack of the shotgun.

A.e. if your shotgun has a Fire-cooldown of 0.6sec you've the following possibilities for split timing:

  1. Using the "Fire" right as it comes off cooldown
  2. Using "Aimed Shot" 0.6sec after using "Fire"
  3. Using "Point-Blank Shot" 0.6sec after using "Fire"
  4. Using "Aimed Shot" 0.6sec after using "Point-Blank Shot" (or vice versa)
  5. Using "Fire" 0.6sec after using "Aimed Shot" or "Point-Blank Shot"

List of legendary shotguns[]

Name Picture Special Stat Over the top stat (higher than it can be crafted) Other stat
Party Starter Party starter.jpg Stack Aether Charges on Split Timing.

At 10 charges the Fire attack unleashes a spread of fireworks

Knocks back enemies with 35% chance Critical damage increased by X%
The Repeater The Repeater.jpg Greatly increased attack speed Gain 80 Health on hit X% faster weapon skill cooldowns
Vera Vera.jpg Exploding shells Inflicts Vulnerable with 50% chance +X armor penetration
Exterminator Exterminator.jpg The Fire and Aimed Shot attacks pierce targets +75 armor penetration Damage increased by X% when health is below 50%
Reanimator Reanimater.jpg Aimed Shot inflicts Cripple.

Extra 30% damage against crippled enemies

Damage increased by 47% when Overdrive meter is full Overdrive meter fills X% faster

(the "over the top stat" is the 1 normal stat of a legendary weapon that is always at maximum when dropped and also over what can normally be achieved on rare weapons via transmutation)


  1. Vulnerable: Next attack on this target will score crit.
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