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Sir Krum is the general of the Royal Guards and one of the survivors refuged in Castle Zagore. Krum is exasperated by the current situation of the city and doesn't spare Victor of his feelings.

"Great! Another hunter comes to save the day! Maybe we stand a chance against the countless hordes now! Or maybe you'll die like all the others."

He's pessimistic about Zagoravia's fate and tries to convince Queen Katarina to desist from her foolish stand for the city. He's not happy with the hunters and the arrival of Victor in town, fearing he will bolster Katarina's hopes.

"Listen Vran. I don't care. Just one rule - don't promise the impossible to Her Majesty. Every day I endeavor to convince her to give up hope of saving this city. With you around, she will become even more determined to stay and die in this cursed castle. If this happens, I'll hold you personally responsible, you hear me?"

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