Victor Vran Wiki

Swords are one of the types of Weapons in the game Victor Vran.


Name Description Standard cooldown
Sword Hack A chain of basic attacks that hit multiple enemies. The third attack inflicts the Vulnerable[attacks 1] condition to your enemies
Slash Knocks back a single enemy. Will automatically recharge when you crit an enemy (with this attack). 5sec
Dash Single target attack that inflicts Daze[attacks 2] to your opponent. Whenever you score a critical hit all nearby enemies will get the Daze condition as well 8sec
  1. Vulnerable: Next attack on this target will score crit.
  2. Daze: Unable to move or attack.

List of legendary swords[]

Name Special Stat Over the top stat Other stat
Shard Shard.jpg Slash and Dash unleash a slow-moving projectile that pierces and weakens enemies 50% faster weapon cooldown Inflicts Vulnerable[leg. 1] with X% chance
Lady Luck Lady Luck.jpg Enemies drop gold piles when critically hit Critical chance increased by 25% While equipped: Monsters drop 50% more gold
Storm Storm.jpg Critical hits create ball lightnings Attack speed increased by 25% Critical chance increased by X%
Shackles Shackles.jpg Larger Daze[leg. 2] area. Dash attack inflicts damage to all dazed enemies Attack cooldowns reduced by 4.0sec on overkill (1sec cooldown) +X armor penetration
Kladenets Kladenets sword legendary image.jpg Stack Aether Charges when you deliver a critical hit.

At 10 charges the Hack attack unleashes a powerful explosion that steals life from nearby enemies

Damage increased by 47% when health is above 90% Gain 5.0% of max health on crit (5.0sec cooldown)
List of all the Star Wars-themed swords
The Guardian[leg. 3] Reflect projectiles by hitting them with the Hack attack +90 armor penetration Attack speed increased by X%
The Betrayer[leg. 4] Damage increased by X%. While equipped: Minimal gold drops
The Master[leg. 5] Damage increased by X% when health is above 90%
The Sentinel Critical damage increased by X%
The Consular Overdrive meter fills X% faster
  1. Vulnerable: Next attack on this target will score crit.
  2. Daze: Unable to move or attack.
  3. also available once by completing the FEEL-THE-FORCE bounty hunt
  4. also available once by completing the JOIN-THE-DARK-SIDE bounty hunt
  5. can be created with another random star wars-themed sword as base and a red + a blue dye as ingredients