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The Talismans are powerful wearables, which unleash special effects when fully charged. You can wear only one Talisman at a time and you have to create it yourself.

To create a Talisman, use a Talisman Recipe as base and combine it with the ingredients specified in the Recipe.

Check the description of the created Talisman for more information about how to charge it.

~ In-Game Codex

Talismans are an item unlocked and can be equipped at any level with the Fractured Worlds DLC, released in 2017 on June 6.

Talismans are composed of two properties:

  • The Primary Property: The Effect
  • The Secondary Property: The Trigger Rate(the way of charging the talisman)

Each Talismans provide cosmetic wings that the player can hide.

The Effect are upgradeable at the Transmuting Station with any 3 Legendary/purple Cards. The Trigger Rate are upgradeable at the Transmuting Station with any 3 Legendary/purple Demon Powers.


The Talismans themselves don't drop as loot but the recipe for Talismans are dropped as regular loot.

Talismans may be received by gambling at the transmutation station: 3 Uncommon/green gives an Uncommon/green Talisman or a chance for a Rare/yellow Talisman. 3 Rare/yellow gives an Uncommon/green Talisman or a chance for a Legendary/purple Talisman.

The Trigger rate is random when the Uncommon/green Talisman transmutes into a Rare/yellow or the Rare/yellow transmutes into a Legendary/purple. 3 of the same Trigger Rate keeps the same Trigger rate.

List of Talismans[]

Icon Name Description
Charm Gain Invulnerability for (7-13) sec.
Effigy Killed enemies leave exploding pumpkins damaging other enemies for the next (15-33) sec.
Flame Releases 5 fireballs towards the nearest enemies. Each fireball creates fiery explosion on hit dealing (~22% of weapon damage) damage.
Gizmo All enemies in 10 m radius become Electrocuted for (20-44) sec.
Trinket Applies the Slow condition to all enemies in 10 m radius for (20-44) sec.
Boon Gain several positive conditions for (20-44) sec
Idol Gain Brutality for (60-132) sec.
Ember Causes a fierce explosion, dealing (~68% of weapon damage) damage and inflict Burning condition to all enemies in 5 m radius.
Gadget All enemies in 10 m radius become Electrocuted for (10-34) sec. Lightning strike hit nearby Electrocuted enemies.
Curio All attacks Daze enemies for (20-68) sec.
Relic Full heal. Each hit is an instan kill for the next (7-13) sec. Doesn't affect Champions, Bosses or Tyrants.
Artifact All attacks are critical hits for the next (15-33) sec.
Phoenix Teleport to another place causing fierce explosions on both ends. Each explosion deals (~22% of weapon damage) damage to each monster in 3 m radius.
Appartus All enemies within 10 m radius become Electrocuted for (10-34) sec. A number of ball lightnings appear and start targeting Electrocuted enemies
Antique All enemies within (5-11) m radius and in line of sight turn into dancing skeletons and then die. *Doesn't affect Champions, Bosses or Tyrants.


Talisman Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Charm Ambrosia Sanguine Aura The Sun
Effigy Aether Vial Berserker Aura The Vampire
Flame Fire Bomb Meteor Greed
Gizmo Flash Bomb Lightning Gun Wildcard
Trinket Weapon Demon Power The Fool
Boon Sanguine Aura White Dye Charm
Idol Berserker Aura Black Dye Effigy
Ember Sunray Red Dye Flame
Gadget Dark Mist The Lightning Gizmo
Curio Demon Power The Fool Trinket
Relic Justice Legendary Dye Boon
Artifact Kladenets Legendary Dye Idol
Phoenix Meteor The Sun Ember
Apparatus Blink Lightning Gun Gadget
Antique Blink Lucky Rabbit's Foot Curio

Trigger Rates[]

Name Description
Barbaric Charge with (100-340) Energy per Special Weapon attack
Bastion Charge with (50-110) Energy per Deflected Attack
Brute Charge with (0.10-0.28) Energy per 1 Damage Dealt
Egotistical Charge with (100-460) Energy per Positive Condition Gained
Fatal Charge with (15-51) Energy per Critical Hit
Gluttonous Charge with (500-1100) Energy per Loot Picked Up
Healer Charge with (3-11) Energy per ***1% Of Maximum Health*** Points of Health Restored
Holy Warrior Charge with 200 Energy per second While Having (3-1) Positive Conditions
Peasant Charge with (25-55) Energy per Basic Weapon attack
Precarious Charge with 200 Energy per second While Below (40%-76%) Health
Precise Charge with (50-110) Energy per Split-timed Attack
Ruinous Charge with (340-340) per Overkill
Sorcerous Charge with (200-320) Energy per Demon Power used
Tinkerer Charge with (350-530) Energy per Consumable Used


  • Based on the random properties the Talismans can receive, this gives a total of 210 possible talismans, with 70 per rarity. 14 Charging methods and 5 effects per rarity.