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The Astrolabe gently humms in your hand, waiting to point you the direction of your heart's utmost desire.

The Astrolabe is an artifact created by the demon Wa-Lee The Solicitor that got destroyed and scattered across the Fractured Worlds millennia ago.
The artifact is able to point the direction of its bearer's greatest desire, even across dimensions.
However, it is not a mere tool: it has a will of its own and tries to subdue Victor when it gets close to be restored with the last pieces.

Parts of the Astrolabe[]

The Frame of the Astrolabe
FrameAstrolabe.jpg A metallic casing engraved with astral symbols and hieroglyphs.
The Pointer of the Astrolabe
PointerAstrolabe.jpg A tiny cursor which always turns in the direction of the next piece of the Astrolabe.
Shard of the Astrolabe
ShardAstrolabe.jpg A dented piece of a disk which is engraved with shifting pictures of astral planes and strange places.