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The Royal Crypt is located in the Royal Gardens. The crypt is locked, until Queen Katarina gives Victor permission to enter in search of informations about what is luring and killing the hunters.

Deep in the Weeping Halls, he'll find out.


Secrets: 3

  • Slay 5 Monsters with a single attack or Demon Power
  • Slay Ravenous Souls (3)
  • Awaken the restless dead in the sarcophagi across the Royal Crypt
  • Find Secrets (3)
  • Slay Monsters within 120 seconds (50)
Elite Challenges
  • Slay Wraiths with 5 active Hexes (10)
  • Slay Monsters With Melee Attacks While Above 80% health (80)
  • Slay Champions affected by Cripple (2)
  • Slay Monsters without taking damage and without using Demon Powers (80)
  • Slay Undead Brutes within 120 seconds without dying (5)