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The Royal Gardens are located in the back of Castle Zagore and invaded by demonic spiders and undeads.
Here, Victor encounters Irene and the spirit of Tzar Borimir for the first time.

"I rise in the dawn, and I kneel and blow.
Till the seed of the fire flicker and glow."

- Tzar Borimir

Inside the Royal Gardens are located the Befouled Tomb, the Sepulcher of the Damned, the Royal Crypt and, later on in the adventure, the Den of the Broodmother.


Secrets: 3

Elite Challenges
  • Slay Wraiths with 5 Active Hexes (10)
  • Slay Monsters with Melee Attacks while above 80% helath (80)
  • Slay Champions Affected by Cripple (2)
  • Slay Monsters without taking damage and without using Demon Powers (80)
  • Slay Undead Brutes within 120 seconds without dying (5)