Victor Vran Wiki

Transmutation is the crafting and gambling system in Victor Vran.

It is available from lvl 16 onwards and allows you to increase stats of weapons, outfits, destiny cards and demon powers. In the Fractured Worlds-DLC it's also used for creating and improving talismans.

To improve an item place it in the base slot at the top. What is needed to increase the values on already existing stats on this item is then listed on the left side right next to the stat itself.

Increasing Rarity[]

What you have to do to increase the rarity of a specific item depends on the item type:

  1. Weapons: common and uncommon weapons can be improved in rarity one time only by adding a second/ third stat (by putting 3 specific legendary demon powers in the ingredients slots according to the recipe of the stat you want to add to the weapon; full list of combinations available in the 'weapon properties'-section of the in-game codex under 'recipes')
  2. Demon powers: are the only item type that increases it's rarity itself when the sum of both attributes reaches a certain value. It's possible this way to improve a common demon power to a legendary one. To increase the first stat use 3 demon powers of the same type as the 1 you want to improve as ingredients. To increase the second stat use 3 demon powers of different types then the 1 you want to improve (don't have to be 3 of the same this time).
  3. Destiny cards: Combining 3 destiny cards of the same type (without base) gives you 1 destiny card of this type but 1 rarity higher (this only works if a higher rarity exists for this card). You will lose the divine or wicked effect that's on your cards. The new card will only have a random divine or wicked effect if you combined 3 divine or rather 3 wicked of the same type.


When you leave out the base slot and add 3 items of the same item type (weapon, demon power, powerstone or talisman; doesn't work for destiny cards) you'll get a new random item of that type.


For weapons and talisman those 3 items have to be of the same rarity as well and there's a chance for the new item to be one rarity higher. For common weapons you'll always get an uncommon weapon back up to rare weapons/ talisman where you have a 'very small' chance to get a random legendary of that type. Otherwise you'll get an item of the same rarity as the ingredients.


For common and uncommon weapons there's the additional rule that combining 3 weapons of the same type (rapier, swords, etc.) will get you 1 weapon of that type. With 3 rare weapons of the same type you'll only get the same weapon type back if the result is a rare weapon. The result of combining 3 different (un-)common weapon types or the legendary you can get from combining 3 rare weapons will always be of a random weapon type.


If you gamble demon powers you don't have to combine items of the same rarity. But instead each item of a rarity increases the chance for the result to be of said rarity.

A.e. having 2 uncommon and 1 rare demon power as ingredients means a 66% chance to get a random uncommon demon power and 33% chance for a random rare demon power.


3 Powerstones will simply give you a random powerstone. They can't increase in rarity because powerstones only exist in 'rare' rarity.


Adding stats[]

It's possible to add 1 stat to weapons and destiny cards.

  1. Weapons: Use the weapon you want to modify in the base slot and a powerstone or a combination of 3 specific legendary demon powers (full list of combinations available in the 'weapon properties'-section of the in-game codex under 'recipes'). You can only add 1 stat this way and trying to add another stat will instead replace the stat you added first.
  2. Destiny cards: Using a powerstone or 3 divine or 3 wicked cards of the same rarity (but not necessarily the same card type) you can add a random divine respectively wicked effect to a card you put into the base slot

secret recipes[]

  • 3 med kits -> 1 greater med kit
  • 3 greater med kits -> superior med kit
  • 3 lucky rabbit foots -> 1 legendary gift box
  • 3 "fool"-cards -> 1 completely random destiny card (can be divine or wicked and of any rarity)
  • a star wars-themed Sword (except The Master) + 1 blue dye + 1 red dye -> "The Master" - sword