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I am Tzar Borimir, the first hunter. I had sworn to fight the demons in our world.

It was I who built Zagoravia and estabilished the Hunters Order to guard a secret that could destroy us all.

~ Tzar Borimir

Tzar Borimir is the founder and first king of Zagoravia, first hunter and founder of the Hunters Order.
Actually, he's a spirit, bound to Zagoravia by his ancient oath to protect the city and the world from demons.

Story (spoiler alert)[]

Tzar Borimir appears the first time in the Royal Gardens, after which, he will make several appearances in and outside various dungeons of the Hunting Grounds and near the Defiled Chapel in the Onion Quarter, the place where he was poisoned in a conspiracy of envious nobles, as Victor will learn in the history books secretely kept by the Volkov family in the Forlorn Chateau.

In all this occasions the Tzar speaks in riddles, incapable of direct communication until Victor reaches him inside the Defiled Chapel and cleanses it from the undead infesting it.

In this occasion, Tzar Borimir reveals the secret about the foundation of the city.

"I built this city to hide and seal the Well of Worlds - a gateway to countless worlds beyond ours, populated by demons and cosmic horrors beyond imagination and comprehension."

And also remark Queen Katarina's responsibility in the current situation.

"For generations my legacy has passed down the royal lineage of Zagoravia. In time my own kin forgot my words and the purpose given to them. And now - NOW - one of my own blood has sealed a dark pact with the very forces I had sworn to fight."

He'll also tell Victor that is possible to end the curse on Zagoravia.

"There is a way. You must find the physical object that embodies the deal. The trouble is that this pact lies in the demon world."

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