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Vail the Immortal is the boss of the Mausoleum of Bones.

Only a fool would think that defeating Vail the Immortal could banish a creature of such power forever. The world has not seen a true Lich for thousands of years and I should deem myself extremely lucky that I survived this encounter. Truly I have destroyed his phylactery here, in Zagoravia, but the legends tell that Liches used to have hundreds of phylacteries scattered across the world inside long-forgotten places of power. Vail would make no difference - sooner or later he will command his undead minions to drag the new phylactery back to his Mausoleum and he will continue to haunt this cursed land.

The lair of Vail is full of all kind of undead, from the low Skeleton to the powerful Undead Brute, various Wraiths, like the Ravenous Soul and the Reaper and several Gargoyles, like the typical Lesser Gargoyle and the two Champion Shard Sentinels guarding the phylactery.

"Vale! the ancient corruption walks once again."

- Victor Vran

Vale is revived until his phylactery is destroyed, unlike the two Shard Sentinels and the phylactery itself, Vale has few health and not much defense. His attacks are Seeking Projectiles, like those of the Spectral Binder's, acting like The Swarm Destiny Card.

"Oh, I've always wanted to meet Vail. His work is quite inspiring.
You would never guess half the things you can do with a carcass, let alone hundreds of them.
This bloke has quite the imagination, yes."

- Voice