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Voice is a mysterious incorporeal being that roams throughout Zagoravia's locations, however he is not heard within Castle Zagore. The voice offers guidance, banter and other interesting knowledge and references throughout Victor Vran's journey.


Below is the full transcriptions of all of the Voice's dialog and conversation with Victor Vran throughout the game.

Act 0 (Tutorial)[]

For raw transcription information on act 0, see Act 0 Raw.
Location Dialog
After Hearing Victor Vran at Start Hello-o-o?

Who goes there?


Can you hear me?

A voice in my head? What else

If you can hear me jump now!

If player does not jump

Come on! Jump, jump, jump, jump...

Ok, I give up!

If player does jump

Good boy! Now roll-over... Heh, just kidding!

Upon Reaching the Keep You're wondering how to get past that keep?

I'm sure that NOBODY put a giant, easy to get through sewer grate on the left side of the kep. That would be preposterous!

Upon seeing chest on balcony Look, hunter, a treasure chest!

Up there on the balcony.

Come on, go get it. You can use the exercise.

Upon opening the chest on the balcony I love these boxes. You never know what you're going to get. So exciting!
Upon opening the second chest in the zone You know there are more of these lovely chests lying around. Can you find them?
Upon Entering the Sewer I know this place.

You're getting closer.

Come on, open that door.

Upon Reaching the Dummies Ooh! Watch out, hunter. Those dummies look tough.

They outnumber you. You should consider retreating (laughter)

Look at those dummies with their red eyes and long noses.

They are laughing at your feeble attacks! (laughter)

Upon continually fighting the dummies Wait, are you still fighting the dummies?

Come on! Put your back in to it. Hit harder.

Maybe I should stop wasting my time on you, hunter, and make friends with the dummies instead!
Upon acquiring a Demon Power Ooh! A demon power! Where did you learn to do that?

Anyway... Come, met me in the next room!

Upon going to the next room I'm trapped in that box. Come on, break it!
Once the box is broken Wait. That's not me. Oh well I must be in another dungeon. (Laughter)

Act 1 (Castle Zagore)[]

For raw transcription information on act 0, see Act 1 Raw.
Location Dialog

Act 2 (Rich Quarter)[]

For raw transcription information on act 0, see Act 2 Raw.
Location Dialog

Act 3 (Industrial Quarter)[]

For raw transcription information on act 0, see Act 3 Raw.
Location Dialog


  • The voice seems to have a fascination with Victor Vran's hat.
  • The voice references Star Wars in the banter within the Rich Quarter.
  • The voice claims to only have had daughters, no sons.
  • In the Royal Garden's Crypt, the Voice refers to Skyrim.
  • In the Royal Crypt, some dialog refers to The Stanley Parable.
  • Also within the Royal Crypt, some dialog refers to Monty Python's The Tale of Sir Robin.

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