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The Watchtower Ruins are located in the Hunting Grounds.

The place is tight and full of skeletons and undead pyromancers, whose fire darts are harder to evade (the Diamond Demon Power is higly recommended in order to fulfill the last Challenge).

Tzar Borimir will appear at the end of the dungeon, where Bane lies, near an area of Brutality, similar to the Berserk Aura Demon Power.

"Tough they go mad, they shall be sane.
Tough they sink through the sea, they shall rise again.
Tough lovers be lost, love shall not. And death will have no dominion."

- Tzar Borimir


Secrets: 2[1]

  • Slay Monsters within 120 seconds (40)
  • Overkill Undead Pyromancers (5)
  • Slay Monsters with Hex of Malice (40)
  • Slay Bane
  • Slay Monsters without taking damage and without using Demon Powers
  • Secret Locations
    Watchtower ruins.png
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