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Weapons can come with one or two Special Properties.

Common weapons (grey colored border) have no or only one property. Uncommon (green) and Rare (yellow) have always two properties. Legendary (purple) weapons have two properties and one unique effect.

Special Properties come in Prefixes and Suffixes. Each weapon cannot have more than one Prefix, nor can have more than one Suffix, unless when adding a Third Property (see below). Prefixes can be recognized in game as an attribute before the weapon type name:

[add image here of sample prefix for weapon]

Suffixes are recognized as names of jobs or creatures after the name of weapon type. They all appear as "[weapon type] of the..."

[add image here of sample suffix for weapon]

List of Prefixes[]

Max value column is obtained by increasing that weapon property up to its maximum, known also as perfect transmuting.

Prefix Effect description Max Value
Cursed Damage increased by XX%. While equipped : Minimal gold drops (all gold drops are reduced to 1 gold) 44 %
Dancing Attack speed increased by XX% 22 %
Devastating Damage increased by XX% 28 %
Efficient XX% faster weapon skill cooldowns 44 %
Elder While equipped: Gain XX% more XP 56 %
Essence Slayer +XX% damage against essences 56%
Executioner Damage is increased by XX% when health is above 90% 40 %
Gargoyle Slayer +XX% damage against gargoyles 56 %
Gided Gold cost increases X times -
Greedy While equipped: Monsters drop XX% more gold 116 %
Inquisitor Damage increased by XX% when the overdrive meter is full 40 %
Piercing +XX armor penetration +66
Skeleton Slayer +XX% damage against skeletons 56 %
Spider Slayer +XX% damage against spiders 56 %
Survivor Damage is increase by XX% when health is below 50% 50 %
Vampire Slayer +XX% damage against vampires 56 %
Vicious Critical damage increased by XX% 112%
Wrath Slayer +XX% damage against wraiths 56 %
Zealous Overdrive meter fills XX% faster 110 %

List of Suffixes[]

Max value column is obtained by increasing that weapon property up to its maximum, known also as perfect transmuting.

Suffix Effect Description Max Value
Assassin Critical chance increased by XX% 22 %
Bear Critical hits knock back ennemies (5s. cooldown) -
Duelist +XX armor penetration + 66
Extraordinary Luck While equipped: Find better items -
Fox Attack cooldowns reduced by X secs on overkill (1s. cooldown) 3.4 secs
Leech Gain XX health (Y% of max health) on crit (5s. cooldown) 510 (8.5%)
Luck While equipped: Find XX% more items 34 %
Mauling Knock back ennemies with XX% chance 22 %
Ram Inflict Daze on crit (X sec cooldown) ?
Value Gold cost increases X times -
Vampirism Gain XX health on hit 68
Vulture Gain XX health on overkill (5sec cooldown) 330
Wolf Inflict vulnerable with XX% chance 34 %

Adding Properties[]

There are two ways to add a property to a weapon:

Name Effect description Recipe
Assassin Increases critical chance 3 Meteor
Bear Knock back enemies on critical hit (has cooldown) 2 Shockwave 1 Meteor
Cursed Significantly increases damage but decreases gold drops 2 Dark Mist 1 Berserk Aura
Dancing Increases attack speed 2 Boomerang 1 Blink
Devastating Increases damage 3 Berserk Aura
Efficient Faster weapon skill cooldowns 2 Blink 1 Boomerang
Elder Gain more experience points 1 Boomerang 1 Diamond 1 Dark Mist
Essence Slayer Increases damage against essences 1 Sunray 1 Shockwave 1 Dark Mist
Executioner Increases damage when health is above 90% 1 Berserk Aura 1 Purging Flame 1 Pull
Fox Reduces weapon cooldown on overkill (has cooldown) 2 Time Bubble 1 Blink
Gargoyle Slayer Increases damage against gargoyles 2 Pull 1 Purging Flame
Greedy Killed monsters drop extra gold 2 Diamond 1 Time Bubble
Inquisitor Increases damage when overdrive meter is full 1 Berserk Aura 1 Purging Flame 1 Sunray
Leech Gain a lot of health on critical hit (has cooldown) 2 Sanguine Aura 1 Meteor
Luck While equipped: Increases amount of dropped items 1 Diamond 1 Blink 1 Time Bubble
Mauling Gives a chance to knock back enemies 3 Shockwave
Piercing Adds armor penetration 2 Sunray 1 Pull
Ram Inflict Daze on critical hit (has cooldown) 2 Pull 1 Meteor
Skeleton Slayer Increases damage against skeletons 2 Boomerang 1 Meteor
Spider Slayer Increases damage against spiders 2 Boomerang 1 Purging Flame
Survivor Improves damage when health is below 50% 1 Berserk Aura 1 Purging Flame 1 Diamond
Vampire Slayer Increases damage against vampires 2 Pull 1 Sunray
Vampirism Gain health on hit 3 Sanguine Aura
Vicious Increases critical damage 3 Purging Flame
Vulture Gain a lot of health on overkill (has cooldown) 2 Sanguine Aura 1 Blink
Wolf Gives a chance to inflict Vulnerable condition 3 Dark Mist
Wraith Slayer Increases damage against wraiths 1 Sunray 1 Shockwave 1 Purging Flame
Zealous Overdrive meter fills faster 2 Time Bubble 1 Sunray

Common weapons can reach this way two properties, while Uncommon and Rare weapons can have three properties. Legendary weapons cannot have added properties this way.