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Weapons are Items that can drop at any rarities and be 1 of 8 (10 with the Motörhead-DLC) weapon types:

Each weapon type has its own basic attack and two associated skills, its own animation, attack speed, range, area and minimum level to be used.

Each weapon has different visible statistics:

  • damage
  • armor penetration
  • critical chance
  • critical extra damage
  • one or two special properties, depending on weapon rarity level

Some of those statistics can be improved via transmutation:

  • to increase damage, 3 weapons of same or better rarity must be used
  • to increase critical chance, 3 destiny cards of same or better rarity must be sacrificed
  • to increase values of special properties, 3 specific demonic powers must be used of any rarity

Damage and critical values can be upgraded also using Power Stones.

Legendary Weapons have their damage increased automatically each level Victor Vran levels up and has no minimum level to be used.

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