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The Weeping Halls are located in the Royal Crypt.
Victor ventures in this place in search of what is killing the hunters, to a grim surprise.
As he enters the crypt, a voice whispers in the air.

"Victor, old friend!
I've been expecting you!
I have lured you to this place for a specific reason, Victor.
Come down and I will tell you."
~ Adrian
"Adrian, brother, what has become of you?"
~ Victor Vran

At the end of the dungeon, Victor finds his old friend and fellow hunter, Adrian, turned to a powerful vampire he has to kill.


Secrets: 3

Elite Challenges
  • Slay Monsters without dying and without using Potions, Shrines and Demon Powers (100)
  • Slay Monsters without dying while you are affected by Frailty (15)
  • Slay Monsters within 120 seconds (50)
  • Slay Adrian The Fallen with 5 active Hexes
  • Slay Adrian The Fallen without using Potions and Shrines